Machine Learning

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We have been building AI-powered software for more than a decade. Our experience spans:

  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Biometrics and Medical Analytics
  • EdTech Data Modeling

NoCode / Low-Code

No-Code and Low-Code tools are democratizing access to tech entrepreneurship, and massively reducing time to market.

We are big fans of NC/LC platforms like Bubble, and have helped dozens of entrepreneurs bring turn their ideas into NC/LC SaaS apps.

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Cloud Infrastructure

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We work extensively with cloud deployments, especially Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

We specialize in serverless APIs and data design.

Educational Technology

Maximizing our collective ability to learn is a primary goal of Launchable.

We have worked with Academia and Industry to build Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS), and with educators to build tutoring platforms.

If you are looking to build an EdTech offering, particularly one driven by data science, adaptation, and AI, get in touch!

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