Low-code Computer Vision Tutorial

Published: 2021-04-14


Learn to build AI-powered Web Applications writing only a few lines of code!

In this tutorial, we build an application that can count the number of cats in a user-uploaded photo :)

We use the following tools:

  • Rekognition, AWS’s Machine Vision API, to process the image
  • AWS Serverless tools (Lambda and API Gateway) to handle the API processing
  • and Bubble.io to build the user interface.

We hope this video can show you how quickly and easily you can get started building apps with machine learning capabilities, and as a gentle introduction to using Bubble with AWS. There isn’t much coding in the video, so if you’ve not programmed before, we hope it’s still comprehensible. If you do have experience writing code though, particularly in Python, you will probably find the programming bits quite straightforward.

Code for this tutorial can be found on GitHub